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Sims 4 is a simulator of the real-life and a part of the games Sims series. It was released back in 2014 for Windows, one year later for macOS, and two years later for Xbox One and PS4. There is no particular plot, but you have to create and control 8 different characters. Welcome to Sims free family.


What can we say if we love these graphics? Sims always had something to surprise its true fans. Developers work hard to add new furniture in the catalog, new characters, new dresses or locations. If you have never played Sims series before, it either means that you are from another planet or you are the luckiest person in the world who can explore the beauty of Sims Universe. It looks like the Barbie doll reincarnated into the game. Sims 4 play game and everything around them simply can’t look ugly. No matter what style will you choose and what location you have, you always look fabulous, and the grass is perfectly green in your yard.


At the beginning of the game, you are offered to pick one of the already made families in Newcrest, Oasis Springs or Willow Creek towns. But you can create all the members of the family by yourself. Create them and their stories. Add the goal in life, which can actually be changed anytime.

There is no open world, unlike in Sims 4 download, but you still can explore the local areas. And yet, if you want to leave your district, you have to wait till the downloading process is over. There are several modes that are already familiar to usand you can get Sims 4: building mode, buying mode, living mode. Each character has its own needs. There are 6 scales of basic needs like sleep, communication, toilet, food, and so on. You will have to check if they are satisfied. If not, your character can even die.

Besides, each character has its own three wishes which you have to fulfill. Make it your basic goal in-game. You will be able to see the growth of your characters.


The Sims 4 was created as a lighter, faster and improved version of the previous game. Developers Maxis took care of all the bugs, removed the long process of loading and make controls easier. They also added to the sims 4 playstation 4 the ability to replace parts of bodies with the help of a mouse or touchpad. Here you can move and roll the entire room, make the walls wider or higher. Even the interface became more user-friendly with easier access to all important features.

Replay Value

Sims 4 is no different from its predecessors or even ancestors when it comes to the high replay value. This is a never-ending game with no limits for your fantasy and abilities. Developers extended building options and increased the number of characters you have to take care about. It allows you to switch your attention from one character to another, from one type of action to another, so it does not feel boring.


Sims 4 has similar gameplay and graphics to other Sims games. It offers you to create your own characters, raise them, take care of them and see the success they achieved with your help. You can make your own reflection or reflection of your family, or you can implement your own image of the ideal family in this game. Build the house of your dreams and make its dwellers the happiest Sims in the Universe.