Discover Mountains of Fun in the Sims™ 4 Snowy Escape

You’ll get your first view of Mt. Komorebi itself from Wakaba, the neighborhood at the base of the mountain. It’s a beautiful residential area with plenty to do. If it’s your first day in town, it’s good to take it slow and start here. Set the mood with a stroll through the gardens or go for a swim near the waterfall. Remember to return respectful greetings when you receive them, and pay attention to shoe removal signs in genkan entryways.

If you’re traveling with kids, make sure to hit up the Festival of Youth in the main plaza. Kids will love meeting Yamachan, the town mascot, and joining the Voidcritter Hunt. While they’re off doing that, you can check out the vending machine collectibles or try the festival-exclusive character crepes, too!

Oh, and speaking of food… you simply have to try hot pot. Sukiyaki is my favorite, but mostly I enjoy it because it’s perfect for a nice meal together. You can cook it right at the kotatsu table where you’re warm and comfy. Plus, seconds are encouraged! And thirds! Try to stop me from having more than one bowl, I dare you.

Komorebi Fact: Lots of folks like to use chopsticks when they’re eating, but your utensil choice is ultimately up to you. (I just think it just makes picking up maki rolls easier.) And some foods, like yummy taiyaki, you can hold in your hands!


Once you’ve gotten acclimated, head up the mountain a bit to Senbamachi, meaning Thousand Leaves Town. This more traditional area is set right into nature. It’s idyllic, scenic, and serene. Most of the folks here have learned to live in the moment and take life as it comes. It really encourages people to settle into their emotions and find balance.

My favorite thing to do is gather some friends and take a hike. The sign at the trailhead lays out all the different places you can visit, and there’s so much to see along the way. Once you’ve chosen a destination, take it easy and relax into the moment with each other. The best part about hiking is being together with friends and family. Whether you’re stopping for a photo on the bridge or listening to your voices echo back at you from the cave, it just feels good to bond over the natural wonders around you.

Of course, everyone has different experiences and different Sentiments about things. On the last hike I led, my friend and I were enjoying ourselves before we ran into denkimushi aka electric bugs. She forgot her spray, so she kinda… got zapped. She's still a bit mad at me for leading her through that area unprepared, but she'll come around. Probably.

When you finish your hike, whether it’s meditative or energetic, pause for a moment at the Festival of Lights to admire the beauty around you. This tradition helps us remember the dead and celebrate the light. In the evening, there are fireworks, and you can watch the lanterns float along the river. Remember to make a wish for the future at the tanabata tree.

Komorebi Fact: Being aware of yourself and the present moment is super important here. Some people like mindful walks, while others prefer relaxing to traditional Japanese folk music. Find whatever works for you to center yourself.


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